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Lütfen Bekleyiniz

20 Years of Experience

Hemenkal is a marketplace that brings together corporate suppliers and customers, developed by Birdenbire Software House, which has been producing technological solutions for travel agencies since 2002.

Hemenkal, which acts as a secure channel for Home Suppliers to reach customers, uses double-sided security methods allows customers to make reservations conveniently.

Each home supplier has been added to the system after being checked by our staff and interviewed in person. In order to solve the problem of information pollution and the trust in the market, the contents have been entered by our company one by one in an appropriate format. With the right categorization and presentation, it is planned that our customers can easily reach the house they are looking for. Suppliers are evaluated separately by the customers and the system for the quality of the service they provide and the houses they rent. Along with the property they offer, the reliability of the supplier is also highlighted.

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